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Multiple Sclerosis Research

There is quite a bit of science to support what I'm doing, I'm not just doing what I'm doing on blind faith and hope, I don't really believe in hope, hope is a beggar, I believe in faith, hope walks through the fire and faith leaps over it. I am so sorry you had to find this information through this website, you would think your doctor would be forthcoming with this.

Conventional treatment for MS includes a series of intense medication regiments, but these medications are usually only marginally effective. Functional medicine focuses on the underlying causes of the symptomology: inflammation of the immune system. By addressing the inflammation in the body it is possible to ease the symptoms and reduce or delay the development of the disease and even reverse the disease in many cases..

The exact treatment methods for MS will vary based on individual symptoms and the specifics of the condition, but for many, treatment will include changes to the diet, including the elimination of gluten, legumes and dairy from the diet. Many functional medicine practitioners will also want to eliminate as many toxins from the bloodstream as possible, including heavy metals that often make their way into the bloodstream. Sometimes chelation therapy will be recommended to support this effort, as it can help with the removal of mercury and other toxins from the body.

The goal of functional medicine is to enhance the body’s ability to care for itself by addressing underlying issues and supporting the immune system. In treating MS, supporting the immune system is of the utmost importance. Supplements and IV therapy can help restore strength and vitality and help reduce inflammation throughout the body.  If you have MS, are showing symptoms of MS, or have a family history of MSit is critical to work with a physician that cares about your individual needs and TREATS the cause of your symptoms.


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P.S. This is for me, not the MS Society; contrary to popular belief none of the money that is raised by the MS Society is for me, I don't get a dime of that money.

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