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Hypnosis/NLP/Thought Field Therapy/Meditation

When my life coach introduced me to meditation 3 1/2 years ago it was a complete trainwreck, it seemed like every thought that I had in the last 20 years was popping up. It wasn't tell about 2 weeks after when my mind finally quieted down and became still enough where I finally felt like I got some benefits from meditation. I started using NLP and Hypnosis on my self after I became Certified, I was a bit skeptical about how well hypnosis would work for me as I'm sure most people are, I knew Hypnosis would work from receiving training but I was shocked at how well it worked for me, I use to be big into bodybuilding and would eat everything in sight to try to get more calories to get bigger, I successfully used Hypnosis to break the habit of eating a second serving of everything. I also successfully used Hypnosis for insomnia, I always used to struggle trying to sleep and really benefitted from using Hypnosis. I sleep like a baby now and Hypnosis took a relively short amount of time too, within a couple of weeks I found I got maximum benefits and on several occasions I woke up with my headphones still on my ears, it worked that fast. I was a little skeptical about using Thought Field Therapy as well, its amazing to realize how much a thought affects you, not only psychologically but physically as well. It works instantaneously too, at least it did for me. I used Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra's 21 day Meditation challenge and currently still use it to this day. I create my own hypnosis recordings and I will include the Youtube  link in this article, which you may listen to whenever you want. Please don't listen while driving or operating machinery.

online self hypnosis mp3 audios downloads

Huso (Sound Therapy) for Multiple   Sclerosis

“...Specific frequencies modulate cellular function to restore or maintain health. The application of EM[electromagnetic}-tuned signals represents more than merely a new tool in information medicine. It can also be viewed in the larger context of EM[electromagnetic] medicine, the all-encompassing view that elevates the EM[electromagnetic] over the biochemical…. EM signaling is endogenous to cell regulation, and consequently... the remarkable effectiveness of EM resonance treatments reflects a fundamental aspect of biological systems. The concept that organisms contain mechanisms for generating biologically useful electric signals is not new, dating back to the nineteenth century discovery of currents of injury by Matteucci…. The next advance in medicine will be to discern and apply those EM signaling parameters acting to promote wellness, with decreasing reliance on marginal biochemical remediation and pharmaceuticals.”

Bioelectromagnetic Medicine: The Role of Resonance Signaling A. Foletti, S. Grimaldi, A. Lisi, M. Ledda, AR Liboff, Electromagnetic Biological Medicine, Dec., 2013

sound therapy for treatment of chronic disease
Tesla sound therapy quote

Instant Manifestation Secrets is a set of 4 audiotapes and video tracks along

with 3 levels of mind (conscious, subconscious, and vibrational). The principle

goals and purposes of this program are to get comfort for each of the three

levels of your mind into the arrangement and relax your mind. It’s not as

widely known as the Law of Attraction, but it is fundamental to understand as

you start your journey with Instant Manifestation Secrets.

Instant Manifestation Secrets


Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages are like a friend who is encouraging you to develop the behaviors, habits, and beliefs that you know you need to develop for a happier life. They whisper in your ear to help motivate you to adopt these new things. Subliminal messages are stimuli that lie below our threshold of conscious awareness. Because they fall below the absolute threshold level (ATL), we can't perceive a subliminal message, even if we're looking for it. That's important. ... A stimulus can influence us subconsciously without being subliminal.


Dr Joe Dispenza Meditations

Dr. Joe Dispenza is teaching the world how to empower and heal our mind through meditation and mindfulness. His MS healing studies have proven that when well practiced these tools can put us on the path to understanding and breaking deep-rooted bad habits and even heal illnesses.

Dr Joe Dispenza healing MS

Speedzen Binaural Beats/Subliminals

Every Speedzen subliminal audio program uses carefully designed, high-tech music that gently lowers you into a deep, meditative trance as you listen. Simple. Easy. Transform your subconscious mind into a success-seeking missile almost overnight. 

Speedzen Binaural Beats

Vitality Neuro Meditation

This meditation has been designed to instantly and effortlessly elevate your health and immunity. Just sit down, relax, press play, and follow the soothing sounds and instructions as it guides you into a deep meditative state, and
literally programs your mind to heal and protect your body.

You only need to use your VITALITY Neuro Meditation for a few minutes a day, and a few days a week to experience a real positive transformation in your health. For best results, listen to this meditation once a day here on this webpage, your smart phone, your tablet or your MP3 player.

Vitality Neuro Meditation

Nerve-Muscle Health Audio

This audio rejuvenates your muscles and nerves due to aging issues, damage from disease such as ALS or stroke, side effects from medication, or injury. It helps restore and rejuvenate the brain and muscular system. It does a full restoration of the voluntary nervous system and muscles and adjusts the body chemistry to promote transfer of signals across nerve synapses. 

Nerve Muscle Regeneration was scientifically formulated to operate on four levels.  The words are carefully chose, as are the commands, the music is on an adjusted frequency scale, and it is designed to connect to your subconscious to release and heal the causes of nerve and muscular degeneration in your body. It's run time is about 27 minutes.

nerve-muscle heath audio rejuvenates brain and muscular system

Mind Movies

Mind Movies transforms a boring vision board into a fun, digital video vision board filled with positive affirmations, inspiring images and motivating music.

Get empowered to reach your goals through Mind Movies. These short videos are designed to get your mind in peak 'manifesting' mode - in just a few fun minutes a day.

Mind movies for positive affirmation

Guided Healing Meditation by Brain Sync

This is the description on

  • Generate nourishing states of well-being

  • Enhance immune function


You hold within you the power to create vibrant states of health

and well-being that you intend for your life. In this guided healing

meditation you will learn to meditate on ever deepening levels,

where the attention you focus on healing and renewal will directly

impact your body and your life, and Delta binaural beats and

brainwave entrainment will facilitate relaxation. These are blissful

states of reverie that are proven to enhance immune function and

activate the body’s natural healing abilities. In this quantum state

of renewal, your body triggers its own powerful bio-chemicals to

heal illness and cure disease.

  • Fact 1: Your body can manufacture and administer the precise balance of neurochemicals that can reverse illness and cure disease. Your body possesses the innate capacity to heal itself.

  • Fact 2: Science has proven, beyond doubt, that the contents of our thoughts and emotions directly and immediately influence our biochemistry.

  • Fact 3: You can consciously influence and direct the body's output of health chemical information through meditation and visualization techniques.

This powerful guided meditation for healing is highly recommended by doctors and offered to patients at America’s most prestigious cancer treatment hospitals.

guided healing meditation mp3s

Dr. Leonard Coldwell Stress Reduction

Total Relaxation CD. Learn how to relax deeper than you ever imagined with this cd, which combines brain synch audio with progressive relaxation techniques. As you listen, you will let go of emotional and mental stress, which can be detrimental to your health and peace of mind. The purpose of this session is to induce deep relaxation, so that your body will regenerate and heal. 2. Breathing Techniques CD. In this invigorating session. Dr. Coldwell teaches you how to oxygenate your body using breathing techniques. Optimum breathing can noticeably change the quality of your health and energy level. 3. Self-Healing CD. This is Dr. Coldwell’s ultimate self-help session. You will discover how to stimulate the body’s self-healing powers and regeneration process. As you relax and let go of stress, your tension will melt away, and you’ll have newfound energy to face life’s challenges.


Knowledge is Power


Knowledge is power “ is a famous proverb which states that a person with knowledge can outwit physical strength of any other person. Most of us lack the instructions as to how to wield the energy in the universe or even understand how it interacts with our environment and other living creatures.

A must. I highly, highly, highly recommend these modalities


I can show you the door, I can't make you walk through it (that's a metaphor) meaning I can tell you what I'm doing for my recovery, it might be a little different for you. Your laughing and well on your way if you work with a functional medicine doctor, I hope no one goes the conventional route when treating their autoimmune condition. The old paradigm of your condition getting worse (MS especially) and only going downhill couldn't be further from the truth, you can get better which will be the hill that I die on trying to explain to people.  My one Aquafit instructor said "it  must be hard" and I said "no its incredibly hard", I can't promise your journey will be easy but I can promise it will be worth it in the end. It takes time to recover your health, its not an overnight process, every journey begins with a single step, I know its probably a little overwhelming all the information but go at your own pace, it's not a race you know, you don't need to achieve everything right away, Rome wasn't built in a day. neither will you recover in a day. Don't give up, suffering, barely getting by isn't the end of your story. You know your body better than any doctor will be able to, do what you feel is right. Base hits wins you the ball game, not home runs, just keep that in mind, there wasn't one holy grail therapy that I use, all the modalities mentioned above all do their part and are all equally important, you CAN and WILL experience a healthy life but you have to understand what works to improve your health and equally important understand what doesn't so you can stop doing it, it's silly/stupid to keep doing something that makes you feel bad, you wouldn't order something off a menu that you didn't like, it's the same idea with doing something that makes you feel bad, STOP IT.

You now have all you need for your recovery, I wish you all the best.

hypnosis for chronic disease recovery
life changing chronic disease treatment
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