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Celebrities who have used or use Hypnosis

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Celebrities use hypnosis because they simply are not afraid to ask for help. Looking for assistance with a problem is something that comes natural for them.

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People seem to have an insatiable appetite for reading about celebrities.

There are more and more stories in the press about people in the public eye who have turned to hypnosis to help them.

One of the things that often shows how famous people are slightly different from the rest of us, is something that you may not have considered before....It's simply that they are not afraid to ask for help. They know that we cannot do everything for ourselves and so looking for assistance with a problem is something that comes very naturally to them.


Hypnotherapy is an alternative curative healing method that is used to create subconscious change in a patient in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings. It is undertaken with a subject in hypnosis.

A person who is hypnotized displays certain unusual behaviour characteristics and propensities, compared with a non-hypnotized subject, most notably heightened suggestibility and responsiveness.

Ever since Matt Damon went on national TV and told Jay Leno that using hypnosis was "the greatest decision I ever made in my life", it seems that everyone in Hollywood is now trying hypnosis.

Hypnosis isn't the underground therapy it was 20 years ago...

hypnosis is becoming cool!

Everyone from Orlando Bloom to Ellen DeGeneres and even David Beckham have used hypnosis, and the variety of issues they have used it for is as diverse as you could imagine -- with David Beckham seeking the private health of a hypnotist for "personal issues", Orlando using it for weight loss, even Tiger Woods has used hypnosis to help him to get "into the zone" and stay focused when it counts. Welcome to your blog post. Use this space to connect with your readers and potential customers in a way that’s current and interesting. Think of it as an ongoing conversation where you can share updates about business, trends, news, and more.

Celebrities using Hypnosis

So here is our big list of celebrities and the weird, wacky, and wonderful reasons they have used hypnosis for.

All these people have used hypnosis at some point in their lives to help them to overcome their bad habits and personal problems or to eliminate their limitations and become massively successful.

Ben Afflick

The Pearl Harbor star used hypnosis to kick his habit after best pal Matt Damon urged him to try the method that helped him quit. Affleck recalls, “You sit in, like, a Barker lounger (chair) and he (hypnotist) sips water and just talks to you for an hour, and explains how nicotine is poison. “All of a sudden, you thought’ ‘This is asinine that I’ve been doing this to myself for all these years.’ “My last cigarette was on November 10th, 2005… I feel a huge difference in my health now that I don’t smoke. I feel like I’m in better shape than I was five years ago.”Thank you Ben Affleck, Matt Damon & Oprah! Yes, hypnotherapy works. Source

Matt Damon

Matt Damon has quit smoking after being hypnotised. The 'Oceans 12' reportedly underwent just three sessions of the mind-altering therapy before ending his 16 year habit without a struggle. He told America's Jay Leno show: "I should have done it years ago. "It's amazing I didn't even want cigarettes any more." Meanwhile, the heartthrob star, who is dating interior designer Luciana Barroso, claims he also tried to convince close friend Brad Pitt to try the therapy. "It's amazing I didn't even want cigarettes any more." Last month it was reported that 40-year-old Brad was grooming the 'Bourne Identity' star to inherit his 'Sexiest Man Alive' title. Source

Ellen Degeneres

Celebrated British hypnotist PAUL MCKENNA brought US comedienne-turned-chat show host Ellen Degeneres to tears when he attempted to use his mind bending powers to help her kick a longstanding smoking habit. DeGeneres asked MCKenna to help her quit cigarettes when he agreed to appear on a recent taping of her hit daytime show, and she was floored by his hypnosis. Admitting that she didn't "look like somebody who should smoke," DeGeneres told her audience, "I work out and I'm very healthy and I like to think I'm a very intelligent person." She added, "My mother had breast cancer. I, of all people, should not smoke... I quit before and then I found an easy way to start again - I picked one up." The comic confessed that she has a "responsibility" as the host of a TV show, explaining she gets letters from sick young fans and she feels like she should be "a role model." But efforts to kick smoking for good have been futile and she asked MCKenna to help. The Brit sat down with the TV star and put her in a trance and left her sobbing as she remembered smoking cigarettes at social events. He helped her conquer her nicotine addiction by suggesting to a hypnotised DeGeneres that cigarettes tasted like spicy liquorice coated with hair from the floor of a barber shop. MCKenna told the sleeping host, "You're a non-smoker, you've quit smoking. Whenever anybody offers you a cigarette in future, you'll say, 'No thanks, I don't smoke.'" A grateful DeGeneres, who admitted to going three days without even thinking about smoking, told the hypnotist, "You've helped me tremendously and probably saved my life, definitely changed my life." MCKenna doubled up on the show by helping actress Amber Tamblyn overcome her fear of spiders. Source

Drew Barrymore

Add one more to the list of hypnosis success stories. Drew Barrymore was putting away two packs a day before she found the miracle of hypnosis to help her quit. Source

Billy Joel

Musician Billy Joel credits hypnosis for ending his 27 year habit of smoking. Joel had tried to quit smoking for years and then read in the paper about hypnosis. “It was intense and convincing” says Joel, who says he has not picked up a cigarette since his hypnosis session. Source


Here's news about another celebrity who has found that diets don't work and the secret to her happiness is hypnotherapy. The 'LA Love' singer, who is Married to Vegas star Josh Duhamel, regularly sees a trained hypnotherapist explaining that it really helps with her weight issues.

Speaking to the US version of the magazine OK she said, ‘'It works! I get into a very relaxed state, where she can speak to my subconscious. It's almost a dream state, so you're highly suggestible. I've done hypnosis for eating, and later I'll got to the refrigerator and hear her voice telling me to be sensible.''

It's interesting to hear the way that she describes hypnosis and how it feels to her. It's simply just a case of being relaxed and enjoying the experience. So many clients see me having never experienced how it feels just to take some time for themselves and relax. Source

I would be happy to answer any questions you have about hypnosis and you can reach me by sending me a message below on the button Let's Talk or by visiting my WEBSITE

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