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Another Story of Recovery

Is the cure’ for Multiple Sclerosis inside your own belief system? If you have Multiple Sclerosis you’ll want to read this post

Dr. Sharon Bertrand was so deeply connected with Western Medicine that her belief system lived was attached to philosophy as well. She had no clue that the way to heal her body was to heal her beliefs.

“Make Your Mind Up Because Your Biology Follows Your Thoughts.”

This profound statement reveals a secret that is so powerful, it has the potential to help us heal almost any dis-ease: When we align our physical body with our inner desires, (that which makes us happy) we have the ability to overcome dis-ease and heal our body. Dr. Bertrand was forced to take time off work because she was experiencing the debilitating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Nothing worked to make her better until one day, picking weeds and getting dirt under became a pivotal point in her recovery. What she calls ‘plant therapy’ helped her to recognize the affect her beliefs had on her ability to heal, or not … This simple act changed her life by giving her a short span of time where the dis-ease Multiple Sclerosis, did not exist in her reality. She began to recognize that her own beliefs about her inability and later her ability to heal herself was the most important aspect to healing from MS. Sharon hasn’t experienced an MS attack since July of 2005.

I feel great every day!” “We have to roll up our sleeves, be willing to get in the mud and figure out what’s works for ‘me’.” “Creating A New Life Means You Need To Do: 9 Things To Heal Yourself:

Dr Sharon Bertrand’s Rules to Live by:

1. Engage. Fully Engage, Live Your Life

2. Reflect, Reframe and Make Meaning

3. Challenge ourselves to be more than we think is physically, mentally and spiritually possible to be that divine peace

4. To Decide, to Claim, to Intend to Live Authentically, Be Your Authentic Self

5. Enjoy and Create the Life we want to Live

6. Learn, Read and Participate

7. Share and Confide with people we trust

8. Expand, Find or Create Your Community

9. Live Well In The Circumstances Of Your Life 10. HAVE FUN!”

MS has helped Sharon develop compassion for others. Sharon is grateful for Jim, Tom, and all the friends and family that have stood by them and assisted Sharon on her healing journey. One of Sharon’s favorite quotes is:

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, and power, and magic in it” – Goethe

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