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Diet and MS

Dr.Terry Wahls has conducted 4 clinical trials looking at diet and lifestyle in MS patients, all of which have demonstrated the benefits of the Wahls™ modified Paleolithic diet for reducing fatigue and improving quality of life

Thank you for tuning into this post, this post compares the Swank low fat diet and the Wahls diet. The key elements of the Wahls diet are the consumption of 6-9 cups of non-starchy vegetables and berries, and exclusion of gluten, dairy, and eggs. The key element of the Swank diet is limiting saturated fat to less than 15 grams per day.

These findings are consistent with previous studies. In previous studies it was found that study participants who adopt the Wahls diet plans experience reduced fatigue and improved quality of life , improved cognition6, improved motor function and improved cholesterol levels.

The research continues to build that if you have MS or other autoimmune condition, your diet impacts your energy and quality of life. In the near future, researchers plan to conduct larger studies with controls (people who follow their regular diet), following people for longer periods and obtaining biomarkers to investigate disease activity and mechanisms impacted by diet.

The research is very clear. Multiple studies have found the Wahls™ diet is associated with better energy, higher quality of life, and fewer symptoms overall. If your medical team doesn’t believe diet and self-care should be part of your treatment plan to manage your autoimmune condition, you can still make dietary and lifestyle changes that will improve your health

Dr.Terry Wahls has some books available the Wahls Protocol and the Wahls Cookbook and also check out the MS Spotlight: Terry Wahls on this website.

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