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DDP #2 Positively Unstoppable

Improving more and more everyday

 This is my second installment of the DDP Yoga Positively unstoppable Challenge. I’m currently at week 8 It is crazy how much more flexible I have become. I’m improving more and more everyday and I’m hoping I will improve even more once I progress to stand strong. Luckily I wasn’t in bad enough shape for bedflex, I am starting with chairforce and I’m currently on week 8 and have 1 more week until stand strong which has me excited and nervous at the same time. I also see a doctor trained in functional medicine and had a food sensitivity blood test done, so also watch my diet pretty carefully. I didn’t believe I would ever get to this point when I first started but here I am. I definatley noticed my legs getting alot stronger and my flexibility has gone through the roof. Hopefully with the next installment will be even more of improvement than this one.

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