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DDP #3 Positively Unstoppable

I’m feeling alot stronger after starting “stand strong”

I was kind of nervous before starting “stand strong” but I couldn’t imagine going back to “chair force”. I have got so much strength in my legs and my fingers feel so much better, I still use a walker but it is alot easier to use than it was before starting “stand strong”. I’m currently on week 12 and have 1 more week as part of the program, I’m definatley going to continue doing DDP yoga after the program is over. I enjoy the “stand strong 1” because it is the easiest but at the same time I understand you’re going to get the results from the program of whatever you put into it. You are basically sabotaging yourself and only cheating yourself, It’s fine I guess to stick to same thing but don’t expect to feel any better, you want to push yourself. I’m definatley a believer now about making a full recovery, I was optimistic when I started but I definatley had my fair share of doubts. I feel really good the next day after doing the DDP yoga workout, for example, if I did a DDP yoga workout on Monday I wouldn’t necessarily feel that much better that day but I feel alot better on the Tuesday.

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