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DDP #4 Positively Unstoppable Challenge

The challenge is over but the journey still continues

’m currently done the 13 week program but I’m going to continue to continue with “stand strong” workouts, starting DDP yoga has been the best decision I’ve ever made, I can’t even imagine what kind of shape I would be in without this program, thank you so much DDP. It’s hard in the beginning to notice improvements, it doesn’t really sink in tell you think back tell you think of what you’re able to do that weren’t able to do a couple months before. I Understand I’ve got a bit of a hill ahead of me and knew I wouldn’t be symptom free in 13 weeks. It would be interesting to see how I would feel if I never did the DDPY program but there is no way of knowing that and I wouldn’t do that even if there was. I did a few of other things other than DDPY program, I changed my diet and removed gluten and dairy and used meditation as well as hypnosis.

 I made a website sharing my recovery story at it has all the therapies that I’m using, as well as some studies and a blog. Another thing I’ve noticed is I don’t feel sore after a workout and actually sometimes I feel better. I’d just like to thank DDP for helping me and creating this program, which has helped me immensely. Thanks again.

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