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DDP Positively Unstoppable #1

Every Journey begins with a single step

Hello, my name is Korey Snider and I am entering the DDP Positively unstoppable challenge. I was diagnosed with MS 13 years ago and really never had any issues until 2 years ago and now use a walker, I had a food sensitivity test done and have cleaned up my diet and I am slowly improving but I really think the DDP Yoga Program will benefit me. Everyone always talks about nutrition being the answer to recovery but what is equally as important is a program like DDP Yoga to promote neuroplasticity and healing. .I started the DDP Yoga program a couple of months ago and got to week 6 and went back to week 1 because I didn’t think I was ready yet for stand strong. I am currently doing the DDPY Rebuild program going from chair force to stand strong.

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