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If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

The above was a quote given in 1942 by the famous scientist Dr. Nikola Tesla

Everything in the universe is energy, everything on planet earth consists of it’s own rate of vibration. The difference between any two elements is the difference in both atomic structure and vibration rates. There is a frequency or vibration of energy that fills the Universe. This energy is not only beneficial, but also essential to all living cells whether human, plant or animal. Man utilizes this energy with his mind. Every thought is transmitted by this energy. Every aspect of life in the physical depends on this basic energy or power of the Universe.

Spiritual growth is our only purpose and reason for being alive on earth. Each individual must learn how to utilize this energy for spiritual growth and constructive purposes. Constructive use (positive use) of this energy raises the level of consciousness of man and in turn raises his vibration rate or frequency. Every individual has a different rate of vibration. All of man’s earthly problems are created by his thought projections. What we project from our mind in the form of thoughts, we create and receive. Spiritual growth requires the elimination of all negative thought, which dissipates "the life force" or vital energy. Every individual, knowingly or otherwise, makes use of this energy. Our bodies use this energy to heal injuries, to reduce stress and fatigue, and to grow both physically and spiritually. Without exception everyone has the ability to attract as much of this Universal energy as the individual’s body and mind require. Unfortunately the seemingly hectic pace of modern life has most of us looking after day to day cares with precious little time to concentrate on attracting sufficient quantities of the vital Universal energy to meet our needs.

In conclusion this may be difficult for you to believe but believe it or not it’s the truth, it’s kind of like the law of gravity, whether you believe in the law of gravity, if you go to the roof off a building and jump off you are not going to float, you are going to go down, you belief in it is completely irrelevant.

Above all, perhaps we should follow Nikola Tesla’s example of understanding the energetic nature of the universe. Whether we call it physics or God, we can harness this power for the good of all.

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