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If you want your life to change, change things in your life

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Stories of hope, motivating you on your journey.

Hi, thanks for tuning into this post. I will be showcasing a different person every month starting in May. The purpose of this is to show you the possibilities for your health when you take a holistic approach. For those of you reading this going through a hard time and feel hopeless stop thinking that and can you please do something else that improves your health. It’s stupid to do something over and over again if it doesn’t work. I am going to do a feature of someone who recovered their health from MS symptoms. I don’t follow the conventional (Allopathic) approach. I’ve never followed or never will follow this approach, I think it is complete hogwash. It is possible to recover your're health even if you are in a wheelchair, there are lots of stories but unfortunately you probably not told this for some strange reason, heaven forbid if your doctor gave you any hope. I think there is a much needed paradigm shift going on right now, I think alot of people and doctors realize that a wonder pill isn’t going to magically fix a chronic disease like MS. I know where I stand on this subject I only hope that society wakes up and realizes it too.

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