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MS Spotlight: Amanda Campbell

Amanda Campbell, 37, who worked in the fashion industry and later became a sport kinesiologist and motivational speaker, from Melbourne, went from a 50/50 chance she’d ever walk again to running in six weeks

“Amanda was told there’s no guarantee you’ll get movement again. You haven’t responded to treatment, it’s a waiting game now. You might never walk again, you might never wash or feed yourself again,” says Campbell, who was 24 when she was diagnosed with MS. (Such inspiring words from a doctor… not)

“Amanda felt like my life was over, Amanda felt like she wasn’t going to be able to achieve her dreams or even just normal things like being able to put on a pair of heals and go out to dinner.”

Everything finally came crashing down for Amanda after a severe episode lasting 10 days left her completely paralysed. “My face literally dropped, my arm twisted – it looked like I’d had a stroke Amanda said. Washing and feeding myself became the most difficult part of my day. Then my muscles started to slowly twist. It was painful. I was scared.”

Everything finally came crashing down after a severe episode lasting 10 days left her completely paralyzed. “her face literally dropped, her arm twisted – it looked like she had a stroke. Washing and feeding herself became the most difficult part of her day. Then her muscles started to slowly twist. It was very painful for Amanda.

With a new form of treatment, a team of specialists, the support, adoption of the wahls protocol ( which I thin was the game changer ) , Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, and personal determination Amanda was able to recover.

She was a woman on a mission, she was the first person at physio and the last to leave.

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