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MS Spotlight: Bob Cafaro

MRI’s confirm that all Bob’s 53 brain lesions and several spinal lesions are gone.

Completely. Fully. Entirely.

Bob Cafaro was enjoying a successful career as a professional cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra when he started experiencing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in December, 1998. After some denial and three terrible attacks, he was forced to confront the reality and severity of his diagnosis.

Bob’s eyesight became so bad that he was nearly blind and his hands so bad that he was unable to play his Cello. His doctor wrote him a note for permanent disability. The doctor also wrote him a prescription for antidepressants with the help to live with the loss of his career, his likelihood, his passion, and independence.

Bob never fulfilled his doctor’s wish and got the Prozac and told his doctor that he can keep the disability note and proclaimed that he'd be back in the orchestra in six weeks and that he was going to beat MS.

Bob began a day and night mission to overcome MS. In 2013, after being symptom free for a decade, he had MRI’s that confirmed that all 53 brain lesions and several spinal lesions were gone.

Bob was completely free from MS many people actually started doubting his diagnosis of MS which was confirmed by 5 Neurologists through Bob’s symptoms and MRI’s.

In 2015, Bob published his story in a book titled When the Music Stopped: My Battle and Victory Against MS. The body was meant to heal just like when you get a cut and  it heals, it’s no different with chronic disease.

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