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MS Spotlight: Kate Milliken

Kate Had an Unthinkable Disease...and She Made Herself Better

When Kate woke and planted her feet on the floor he realized her left foot wasn’t following her brain’s instructions. Kate chalked it up to lack of sleep and running her own company as a video producer and biking 30 miles before breakfast. Kate hands and feet were tingling, she felt like she had a hangover and couldn’t even finish her Pilates session. Kate had an MRI and the doctor diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis. Kate was in shock, she received alot of intravenous steroids, Kate googled MS and felt terrified about all the symptoms.

Kate hired a yoga instructor to help with calming and relaxing, the yoga instructor also taught her to meditate, breathe deeply, and focus her thoughts. It was during a yoga class during a warrior pose that Kate decided she was not going to helpless anymore.

Kate began too see an osteopath that took a more holistic approach to health. Kate taped a piece of paper to her bedroom mirror “Reverse it”. Kate received supplements and had fillings removed to remove mercury from her body and Kate also used Reiki. 1 year after Kate had a follow up MRI there were no new lesions and the lesion that had caused so many problems had faded significantly. Kate has the before and after MRI scans that prove that a lesion had come and gone.

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