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To Believe or Not to Believe? That is the Question

’d like to first tell you that you can be, do, or have whatever you want (Yes that includes curing yourself of a disease

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope it will be of great importance to you. I’d like to first tell you that you can be, do, or have whatever you want (Yes that includes curing yourself of a disease, which I’ll use as an example throughout this post). The only thing that stops it from manifesting in your personal experience is that you don’t believe it. Watch this short video and see if you can figure out why Luke Skywalker could not move the X-fighter onto dry land using the force.

Luke was unable to lift the X-fighter because he didn’t believe he could (Remember me saying earlier that you can be, do, or have anything as long as you BELIEVE it will happen). I know it’s Star Wars and isn’t real but the force isn’t so different from the Universal Field.

“Universal Energy is the basis of our entire existence. ... Universal energy is the energy that sustains life, providing vital energy to all living systems”.

So many people including doctors want to play pin the disease on the donkey and want to name a condition, besides there is no magic drug for any disease so I don’t why you want to know the name of a disease anyways. There literally is not a cure for anything, there isn’t even a cure for heartburn, if MD’s can’t cure heartburn how effective do you think they’re going to be at curing chronic disease or cancer, if you said not at all you’d be absolutely right. If you ever want to see someones head spin 360 degrees next time your at your MD’s doctors office (hopefully for nothing serious) demand that you want to know the cause of your condition, you won’t get any anwsers.

I’m gonna get back to this article, the MD rant is over, I had to get that off my chest, I want to bring some science and quantum physics into this, the brain is 40% frontal lobe (the CEO, the boss, the big cheese) and doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined (the placebo/nocebo effect). Human beings are superior over every other species because of the size of the frontal lobe compared to the rest of the brain, Yes you heard me right 40%, not because we have retractable thumbs. The brain will respond to whatever belief you hold, it wasn’t the placebo pill that made you better (sugar and water+ placebo pill) it was your belief that you could get better that made you get better, PERIOD, it was the frontal lobe at work. Do you realize how powerful you are, you can change your health and the way your genes express themselves just by thought alone, don’t believe me Youtube “The biology of belief” by Bruce Lipton and Youtube Joe Dispenza. They are both doctors.

“You are a sleeping giant, start believing you are”

I’m not saying this to just motivate you or pump your tires, you can actually make all dreams come true, Quantum Physics has proven this over and over again.

Quantum Physics is a science about particles smaller than an atom and energy. It is a very fascinating science. Some even call it a weird science, because some very strange things happen when you get on the subatomic level. When Quantum Physics was born, scientists were very curious if the law of gravity works on a subatomic level. They wanted to see if the same laws apply to particles smaller than atoms. They performed experiments and the discovery was fascinating. Some scientists found out that the law of gravity worked on the subatomic level, while others found an absence of it. Einstein was puzzled. How is it possible to do the same experiment, follow the same procedure and have completely different, opposite results? He called it a spooky reaction. But even more fascinating was that the scientists who discovered that the law of gravity was working for particles smaller than an atom, had proof that it was working. The other scientists who discovered that the law was absent, also had proof that confirmed their findings. The matter was investigated further and the discovery stunned the scientific community of Quantum Physic scientists. The results of the experiments depended on the beliefs that scientists had. If scientists believed that the law was going to work, it did! If they believed that it was going to be absent, it was. How is it possible that a belief system can influence the outcome of a scientific experiment? The incredible proof of that was there. In many other experiments the outcome was the same. The results depended on the scientists beliefs. When we set our goals, the results depend purely on how we feel. We all want to achieve our goals. Only when we feel good, will we achieve them. When we feel good we create belief that we are able to achieve them. We might feel that they may be accomplished, but the key here is: Can YOU achieve them? Are they possible for YOU to achieve them?

There is absolutely no benefit to thinking negative, I know from personnel experience, I use to think so negatively about everything and it wasn’t tell I started meditating that I made a switch to finding the positive in everything. Thinking negative is like planting poison ivy and expecting strawberries to pop up, its simply never going to happen, manifesting positive things from negative thinking is never ever, ever, ever going to happen. Remember the next time you think negative stop and ask yourself “what am I getting out of this by thinking negative”, “Am I going to create something positive from my negative thinking” - Trick question, NOOO your not going to.

Remember you can be, do, or have whatever you want if you BELIEVE you can.

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