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Video #2 Getting Stronger

Second video tracking my progress… getting stronger

This is the second installment tracking my progress with CNS Inflammation (MS if your into the name game… I'm not a big fan of it. I definatley feel a lot stronger and feel that I have better control over my muscles, my muscles definatley feel a lot lighter and less spastic (spasticity is a fancy schmansy way of saying tense muscles). I still don’t have any support from Neurologists which blows my mind, I always thought that they cared about your health, 0 f@#ks were given when trying to determine the cause of my symptoms. My mental clarity has actually improved a little too, not drastically but I’ll take it, my mental clarity/cognition has always been pretty high so I don’t have much room for improvement. The food and vitamins/minerals are important but I believe the most important thing is doing physio and waking up those dormant muscles. The more I learn about holistic medicine the more I’m convinced that there will be a magic pill (Cure) that fixes an autoimmune condition is complete bull shit.

Walking   6/10

Exercises   6/10

Mental Clarity/Cognition   8.5/10

Final Notes

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is never going to be a magic pill (Cure) that fixes MS, sorry there never is gonna be, at least not any time soon. I’m definatley feeling stronger but have a long way to go.

Ponder this Question…

What is your definition of a Cure? Why wouldn’t you do something now to improve your health instead of waiting for a magical pill?

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