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Video #3 Still the Same

A very little improvement

Thanks for tuning into this post, I feel there was no imprisonment in the last 2 weeks but I’m not to worried. I still haven’t received an apology from any of the 5 neurologists I had but I don’t expect it anyways. I’m starting a physiotherapy treatment plan very soon which I think is the biggest component of recovery, no pill is gonna fix that, if your waiting on a cure that fixes the cause of MS and fixes years of immobility, keep dreaming. I’m also starting to take essential oils and doing foot ion detox, it was pretty disgusting the stuff that came out, but I always say “toxins are better out than in the body”.

Walking   6/10

Exercises   6/10

Mental Clarity/Cognition   8.5/10

Final Notes

I started using essential oils and I feel better, I haven’t had much of an improvement which is a little frustrating, you can either be frustrated or you can be more motivated to work a little harder to get the improvements you desire.

Questions to ponder

If there is no cure for heartburn, do you honestly think there is going to be a cure for MS? (Keep dreaming)

If the cause of MS is unknown with conventional medicine (Allopathic), what sort of tests did they run to determine that?

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