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Video #4

Slowly making improvements

I’m starting to feel better, I think I might be sensitive too green tea because I pee alot drinking it and feel really shaky well drinking it. I started physiotherapy and have noticed big improvements, both in mobility and mentally (believe it or not). I am going to cut out drinking green tea ( I know how good of an antioxidant it is) but It’s getting ridiculous how frequently I go to the washroom, NO thanks LOL. I think I’m still on track with my recovery but I wish my recovery was going quicker or I don’t want to know what is going to happen if I don’t reach my goal by December 1, nothing good I’m sure but I’m willing to push that date back further if I feel I’m getting better and on the right track, hopefully it doesn’t come to that though. I’m also doing aqua fit which I’ve been doing that for a while though. Until next video.

Walking   6/10

Exercises   6/10

Mental Clarity/Cognition   8.5/10

Final Notes

Practice makes perfect… Not true! Perfect practice makes perfect, if you practice doing something wrong your never going to become perfect, PERIOD!

Would like to learn how to walk normally again.

Questions to ponder

Knowledge is power… Wouldn’t it be a good idea to educate yourself about health?

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