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Video #6 Improving Everyday

I’m slowly starting to improve

I apologize for not doing a video in a while, but I’ve been busy with the holidays and I haven’t been feeling well (flu) since new years eve day. Since my last video I have completed my 2 year program from Stratford Career Institute in 6 1/2 months and have my degree in Holistic Health Consulting. I was sick last week and felt like crap but I feel alot better now, I’m still really flemy. I started juicing and it has been a big help, their is a woman named Dr.Terry Wahls (I’m sure you heard of her) that ate 9 cups of vegetables a day, I tried it and it was to overwhelming on my digestive system and was too filling, I started juicing instead and is like having an espresso, it is such a surge of energy, experts in the field of nutrition have said you receive the same amount of nutrients and possibility more and it is in a form hat the body can absorb better.

Final Notes

I am definatley going to continue juicing

Ouestion to ponder

If knowledge is power than why wouldn’t it be a good idea to educate yourself

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