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Video Lounge: Korey Snider Hypnosis

Hypnosis Audio Downloads are a very simple process. Hypnosis downloads work much better than trying to practice self-hypnosis

This is the second installment of the video lounge and a video I made promoting my own hypnosis mp3's.\

Hypnosis Audio Downloads are a very simple process. Hypnosis downloads work much better than trying to practice self-hypnosis. Hypnosis downloads allows the conscious mind to drift off and relax completely instead of an individual trying to do a self-hypnosis technique on themselves while the body is not relaxed trying to formulate self-suggestions to themselves.

There are some things to keep in mind with regards to using a hypnosis recording properly and SAFELY. First, I can not stress this enough, no matter what, never listen to a hypnosis recording while driving a car, operating machinery, sitting in water or cooking. While hypnosis is not “sleep” and a trance state is not a sleep state, it is possible to drift from trance into sleep. It is also wise to set an alarm clock for a time period slightly longer than the recording. Most hypnosis recordings will guide you back to a normal awakened state, but it is possible to remain in a sleep or trance state if one is comfortable and enjoying it safely, the alarm clock will prevent any missed errands.

With many of the recordings available through this web site are in use throughout the entire recording, and therefore it is best to wear stereo headphones adjusted to a comfortable volume. Sometimes, one will experience no trance-like qualities on the first listening of a recording, this can be normal. It is simply the conscious mind wanting to monitor the experience and have its control in things. Once the conscious mind realizes that there is nothing there for it, it will drift away and allow your sub-conscious mind to have a good time and enjoy the benefits.

It is wise to listen to a hypnosis recording in its entirety whenever possible, cutting sessions short only if necessary. Usually, any given hypnosis session is a totality of direction and suggestion and they often tend to loop around to back from where they started, allowing the suggestions to go inside and be sub-consciously recorded with no need for conscious interference or memory.

Hypnosis recordings can be a dramatic and powerful way for us to trance-form our lives in new and better directions. ENJOY!!! Visit for quality hypnosis mp3's

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